Art makes us Feel

Creating art is fun and enjoyable for many as they let their imaginations flow as many bring their inner thoughts and feelings into some form be it visual art, writing or performance art.  Making use of our imagination to create ideas and thoughts that are aligned with the activity of bringing them into form can … Continue reading Art makes us Feel

Taurus – your determination can make you natural Entrepreneurs

Positive attributes for Taurus in business Taurus can be excellent entrepreneurs and many have an advantage when making decisions for their business.  Many under this sign are very determined once they have set their goals.  Taurus entrepreneurs are willing to put in long hours and may welcome the hard work it takes to run a … Continue reading Taurus – your determination can make you natural Entrepreneurs

why Art?

Art – even from the earlier examples of humans creating art in caves or listening and moving to the beat of drums art has been a vehicle of expression that has in part made us human. Why Art -there are an abundance of reasons why Art is so important to us humans.  Creating art allows … Continue reading why Art?