Capricorns interactions with friends and family

Capricorns are some of the most loyal people to family and close friends that you may know.  Capricorns also are very helpful and practical for those close to them.  Capricorns are very determined once they have decided on a goal or a path.  Capricorns are usually very good organizers.  Capricorns value and seek leadership in … Continue reading Capricorns interactions with friends and family

Libras work hard to keep things working smoothly

Libras can be some of the most balanced people you know.  Most Libras work hard to keep things in their lives working smoothly.  Libras appreciate harmony in their lives.  When a Libra makes a commitment they will do what it takes to live up to their promise.  Libras enjoy working with others toward goals and … Continue reading Libras work hard to keep things working smoothly

Change – accept or Challenge it

We love the good times.  We feel confident when it appears that we are making the right decisions and these choices are apparently paying off.  During the good times we are enjoying life, our finances are great and we have many of things we want. But when times get hard, many want to run away … Continue reading Change – accept or Challenge it

Going along to get along

We should be comfortable with letting others see who we really are.  Getting along with others is very important, but going against your beliefs just to get along with others will not assist in developing confidence toward expressing the real you when interacting with others. At times, we sense that we are not as accepted … Continue reading Going along to get along

Leos – this can be a time to allow patience for opportunities to appear

Leos in one way or another enjoy being around people.  Even those under Leo sun sign who appear to be reserved or laid back enjoy the company of people - especially close friends and family.  During this period Leos may yearn for adventure and excitement even during this time. If Leos can focus on inner … Continue reading Leos – this can be a time to allow patience for opportunities to appear

One Question that Really Matters

Do I love myself, my family and others well? Every now and then as you assess where you are mentally, spiritually and emotionally it can be beneficial to ask yourself and answer this question. It appears to be so basic but when you love yourself (including accepting past mistakes, faults and all) this allows a … Continue reading One Question that Really Matters

Happiness or not (your choice)

Happiness is not a permanent state.  Some of us remember when something unexpected made us happy.  If you’re lucky you can experience happy feelings and at the same time accept that these feelings are fleeting. Being nice is a choice for people.  “Nice” is an action word that can be fleeting for some just as … Continue reading Happiness or not (your choice)