10 Things About Your Work-Life Balance

Almost fifty percent of workers in a recent survey strongly agree that they have to check in with managers and bosses even while on vacation.

1. It is remarkable but a fourth of employees surveyed feel guilty when they are using all of their vacation time.

2. Employees can now be available all times of the day and night using technology and can always be “plugged in” through texts and emails.

3. Millennials are especially vulnerable. They were born as information and technological advances became more widespread in their personal and work lives.

4. Millennials are also more comfortable being connected in both their work and personal lives than previous generations of employees.

5. Work is no longer an eight or nine-hour day. Managers, bosses and those in charge have the electronic capability and will exercise the ability to remain in contact with employees after work hours.

6. What is startling is that many bosses seize the opportunity to contact employees during vacations through emails and texts.

7. Managers and bosses are sending both mundane (meaning not urgent) and important information at all hours of the day to employees after hours.

8. Jobs and careers take a major amount of your mental, physical and even your personal life.

9. It is essential now more than ever to carefully choose your career especially if work life balance is important to you.

10. An even fifty-fifty career/life balance rarely if ever exists. It is strongly suggested that attaining real knowledge of what a job requires and the performance expected on a day-to-day basis allows a realistic viewpoint of how a particular career can help you to achieve your career and personal goals.

It is fortunate when most of the expected duties of your job are the exact skills that motivate you to pursue the most successful career path that you can envision for your life.

Cari Wills

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