Are Others Confused by Pisces

People don’t know what to think of a Pisces coworker, friend or family member. Actually many probably have not given much thought to some of the attributes of Pisces. For others understanding a Pisces may require too much figuring out so a person could easily show signs of indifference. It’s easy to see how this type of indifference can lead to confusion about the Pisces in your life.

The most subtle of all the signs is Pisces.

It is not that Pisces are confused. Working on getting some clarity about those with heavy Pisces influences in their natal chart can cause friends and family members some confusion when trying to understand those born under this sign.

We can’t see compassion itself but can experience an act of compassion.

Some of Pisces positive traits are compassion, sensitivity of other’s feelings, a highly creative imagination, attention to minute details, finely developed intuition and a willingness to put themselves in another persons’ shoes. One thing the above traits all share is they are not physical things that can be experienced like touch, sight or hearing. These are qualities or attributes that are sensed. We can’t see compassion itself but can experience an act of compassion in a person’s behavior. We can’t see imagination but we can experience it through items of creation such as paintings, sculptures, poems and designs. Trying to understand the basic traits most Pisces possess can cause bewilderment for many including some Pisces themselves.


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