Geminis can have a really good sense of humor

Some of the qualities that many love about evolved Geminis include being open to a variety of people and not really personally judging others. Geminis can have a really good sense of humor and enjoy playing jokes on others. Some of these natives can even laugh when they are the butt of a good joke.

Gemini should be aware of a habit of using their brain power to play emotional mind games with those close to them to keep others “on their toes.” With a highly active imagination the danger is to use those skills against others in their life.

Gemini should realize they do not have to be informed about every topic and it’s acceptable to admit they really do not know an answer. Geminis could try to counter self-defeating feelings by using their gift of humor on themselves. They can virtually talk themselves into or out of any situation they choose.

When a Gemini takes control of their thoughts and focus on a specific thing or topic they can find an intelligence that can offer unique solutions to problems. Their minds are so active some Gemini’s literally crave things and situations that are new – especially if this “something new” offers excitement. Those close to a Gemini will understand and appreciate their honesty.


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