Virgos can have very strong intuition

Most Virgos have a very strong desire to succeed in every project. The difference can be that a Virgo can set the bar so high that even if a project or issue is resolved successfully the Virgo native may not feel the success because it was not resolved in the exact way they have planned it in their own mind.

Many Virgos drive themselves and others focusing on details – working themselves into a frenzy.  Virgos would really like to believe only in their five senses which are sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste and try their best to ignore their feelings and emotions. Most Virgos have very strong intuition, but some do not trust this faculty. When Virgos acknowledge their own emotions they can learn to trust their gut feelings which can allow those close to Virgos the ability to enjoy and appreciate all the wonderful qualities Virgos possess.

Virgos are one of three earth signs. Most earth signs usually have very strong practical abilities. Once a Virgo can understand how their critical assessments can be converted into concerned constructive advice others can be more willing to work on some of those attributes. When a Virgo can change a negative to a positive there is no stopping these resourceful and purposeful individuals.



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