Scorpios have some really positive qualities

Most Scorpios especially as they gain more life experiences have learned to focus on their own intentions and motivations to better understand others. For many this inner work allows some to become confident in their abilities. This is not a “big ego” but a quiet confidence that allows them to be determined and to realistically focus on their goals.

Awakened Astro2-Scorpio2

Not many Scorpios verbally indulge in wishful thinking and talk about their hopes. They usually keep their plans close to the chest. Many prefer that others see results that are produced instead of Scorpios talking about their goals. Most Scorpios realize that everyone will not like them. At times using uncanny insight they just instinctively forge ahead. The subtle intensity many Scorpios give off when others are around them can be the result of the passion they feel about their goals and the focus they can so naturally apply to their objectives.

Scorpios are most notorious for appearing to be secretive. Many under this sign have a very difficult time letting people into their thought processes. Usually it is not really a conscious choice of whether or not to share their thoughts with others. Keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves just come naturally to most Scorpios. Scorpios being a water sign can tune into others emotions and they usually have a deep understanding of others motivations and behaviors. Scorpios can appear so laid back.  It can be deceiving but their brain is constantly going at all times. Scorpios have a firm grasp of nature and humans. Scorpio is one of the few signs that can accept as reality the good and bad qualities that people exhibit.

Another quality that many perceive of some Scorpios are in personal relationships. They are usually very considerate of friends and family. When a Scorpio has a goal and whether a friend or a family member is perceived by a Scorpio of getting in the way or interfering with a desired plan they can be a little or a lot deceptive to achieve their goal. In a Scorpios’ mind this can truly be seen as “not personal but business.” Others can then witness that side which can be somewhat manipulative in their Scorpion friend or family member.

Awakened Astro2-Scorpio3

What can be hiding unseen to those close to a person under the sign of Scorpio is that they are sensitive.  Many Scorpios will only trust a person whom they feel actually understand a lot about them. Superficiality and surface niceties will not allow a Scorpio person to feel comfortable enough to trust most. But when you receive the trust of a Scorpio person they can be very faithful whether a spouse, friend or family member. Their interactions with a trusted person in their life can be very balanced. The Scorpion will be there for the person when really needed. A Scorpio will stand behind and stand up for the people they really trust in their life and fight to the end in favor of their faithful friends or family.

The sign of Scorpio is one of three water signs that include Cancer and Pisces. Scorpio is also a fixed sign. It appears just a little strange that a water sign which is about the flow of things to also be fixed. It is a balancing act most Scorpios come near to perfecting over time.  Scorpios have some perceived negative qualities. They can use the abundance of positive qualities they possess to work on and turn some of those negatives to positives that those close to them can really appreciate.





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