Aries could be searching for more understanding of their interactions with others

For Aries this is a time when your personal beliefs and outer world can converge to offer you an opportunity to observe the part you play in your relationships. Aries usually goes about their way focusing on and pursuing what they want without deeply thinking about how others perceive their actions.

During this time people in your life and situations you find yourself gives an opportunity for in-depth glimpses of your interactions with the people in your life the places you frequent and certain current social situations you find yourself in. Use this window of time beneficially to step out of your habit of intensely focusing on yourself. You can also find yourself seeking and craving more knowledge about things you usually ignore such as pondering what others in your orb think about your actions as you quickly move from one situation to another.

This space in time can provide a wide window for Aries to take a mirror and look into your inner motivations and actions. You could be searching for more understanding of what motivates you and what does not. Your views about how you developed your inner beliefs and opinions could expand. This transit can allow Aries to identify your one on one relationships with friends – family and love interests. If you become open to the choices to go deeper into your motivations and desires regarding what you really want to experience during this time your realizations and choices can guide and direct the next moves you want to make.


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