why Art?

edited by C. Wilson

Art – even from the earlier examples of humans creating art in caves or listening and moving to the beat of drums art has been a vehicle of expression that has in part made us human.

Why Art -there are an abundance of reasons why Art is so important to us humans. 

  • Creating art allows many to use their imagination openly and freely. 
  • Creating or viewing art may assist us with an inner ability to make connections between apparently unconnected things as we have options to explore and make use of our imaginations to discover new ways of connecting with others.  

Creating and even viewing art can help with abilities to allow openness to solve current and potentially future problems.  Our thinking processes and our brains are designed to look toward what may happen next. 

  • This predicative behavior is evolutionary and can be a self-survival mechanism subconsciously assisting with decision making
  • These abilities include exploratory decisions such as the type of art we decide to create – the colors that will be used and a multitude of decisions we make when creating expressions of individual art.

Some who do not consider themselves to be artists can have pleasant or enjoyable moments when their brains are activated while doodling or freehand drawing.  When we create art many areas of our brains are active.  Creating art can stimulate our mental processes and can help us cope with life.  Creating art can allow your mind to slow down and block distractions and many are calmer while during and after creating art. 

Whether our mode of creativity is writing fiction, songwriting, clay sculpting, writing poetry, photography, drawing, knitting, painting, various forms of dance, illustrating, creative metal working, cake decorating and many more creative or artistic endeavors creating art can involve and bring together both creative and analytical thinking skills. 

Many people have an innate need to creatively produce their ideas and artistic imaginings into various forms of art.  Art among other expressions of creativity could be considered one of the qualities and activities that assists in defining us as uniquely human. 

10 thoughts on “why Art?

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  2. Good points you have certainly made and many that I can agree with. However, as much as art is a human endeavour and a product of human (supposedly) creativity, art is also a learned discipline, an academic subject and a profession. Because art is something created by humans, as is theatre, acting, singing, songwriting, dance, poetry et cetera, it does not concern itself with raw emotion, it is contrived by the artist to elicit emotion in the viewer and to transmit ideas. I have enjoyed reading your post. All the best.

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  3. 💜 Personally I THINK!!! How We Perceive “Art” is Our CHOICE!!! EveryOne; some SEE (Soulful Emotional Energy) “Art” in a ChildLike Way while Others ARE ALL So Serious about ‘The Techniques’ of “Art” that Don’t Exist Except in Their Minds…so I Suggest Release YOURSELF!!! from YOUR ANAL RETENTION!!! from Conditioned UpBringing EveryBody; the Body WILL!!! Feel a Lot Better for That…




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