Aquarius like to socialize

Many people probably know just a little about people under the Aquarius sun sign. Aquarius can be one of those signs that can leave others perplexed especially after first meeting. Aquarius can exhibit some perceived negative attributes that leave those close to them or who work with them somewhat confused. Others may find some Aquarius’ to be somewhat aloof. Aquarius can be difficult for some people to understand. Aquarius like to socialize and are very interesting conversationalists.

Others may find some Aquarius’ to be somewhat aloof.
Some Aquarius enjoy being contrary and can enjoy playing the devil’s advocate. Provokingly throwing out some controversial piece of information just for the sake of it. They can enjoy being in the middle of an exciting difference of opinions conversation going back and forth between people. All the while intentionally not taking a side in the exchange. Even when an Aquarian takes a stand or offer an opinion on a topic or event some have been known to change and take a totally opposite opinion. Some people feel that Aquarius is aloof or detached because many very rarely express their real beliefs about how they really feel. Many times when that happens the other person can feel that the Aquarian really does not care much about an event or topic. On the other hand an Aquarius may agree with you just to get pass a situation.



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