Power of Choice – Your Thoughts or Others

We are constantly bombarded with the opinions of other people.   Information is non-stop, twenty-four hours each and every day.  Online there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of information for our retrieval and use.  Most are not aware that we are constantly presented with other people’s beliefs, thoughts and opinions almost hourly.  We have … Continue reading Power of Choice – Your Thoughts or Others

Faith – Fear or Belief – We use it all of the Time

This is not about spiritual Faith which is important.  This is about the faith we use without even realizing it.  Every day we expect to wake up and either go to work or begin our daily activities.  Spring is always followed by summer then fall and winter.  Consciously or subconsciously we are probably in the … Continue reading Faith – Fear or Belief – We use it all of the Time

One Question that Really Matters

Do I love myself, my family and others well? Every now and then as you assess where you are mentally, spiritually and emotionally it can be beneficial to ask yourself and answer this question. It appears to be so basic but when you love yourself (including accepting past mistakes, faults and all) this allows a … Continue reading One Question that Really Matters

Gemini this can be an excellent time to involve those you trust

Gemini’s mind is so active but when they focus they are surprisingly effective.  Their conversation can be witty and at times humorous.  Conversations with Geminis can also  come off as being superficial about some important topics. Gemini this is an excellent time to let others that you trust pinpoint a few habitual patterns and themes that … Continue reading Gemini this can be an excellent time to involve those you trust

Gemini loves information

Gemini is the sign of general information and communication. Gemini's thoughts are fast and the speed can be furious. Gemini's thoughts are so quick if can appear they can accomplish the impossible feat of mentally holding two thoughts simultaneously at the same time.  They cannot but they come very close. A thought can occur to … Continue reading Gemini loves information

Taurus are patient in their personal life and in business

Taurus individuals possess some really positive qualities. Taurus are very generous with friends and relatives. When a Taurus is in your life they can be depended upon and are reliable. If a Taurus tells you they will do something you can depend on them. Rarely will they leave you high and dry. If they can't … Continue reading Taurus are patient in their personal life and in business

Aries positive attributes

Aries has a treasure trove of very positive attributes including being very innovative and enterprising. They revel in action oriented activities. As Aries become self-aware many are very open about their need for action. Many Aries jump head first into situations and express their innate courage. Some other not so positive qualities Aries have earned … Continue reading Aries positive attributes

Are Pisces really “sensitive”

Most people have a hard time wrapping their head around some of Pisces attributes. Some perceived Pisces qualities such as being too idealistic about their goals or dreams can leave all types of open interpretation by others. The term "sensitive" attributed to Pisces can also be misunderstood. It's not that most Pisces are sensitive, for … Continue reading Are Pisces really “sensitive”

Aquarius like to socialize

Many people probably know just a little about people under the Aquarius sun sign. Aquarius can be one of those signs that can leave others perplexed especially after first meeting. Aquarius can exhibit some perceived negative attributes that leave those close to them or who work with them somewhat confused. Others may find some Aquarius' … Continue reading Aquarius like to socialize

Capricorns are really loyal

Once a Capricorn discovers that someone gets them ...they are very faithful to that friendship. Many people offer assistance to Capricorns only when they are asked because the Capricorn native appears to have everything under control.  If a Capricorn friend, relative or coworker in your life is asking for your help - be clear they … Continue reading Capricorns are really loyal