Aries positive attributes

Aries has a treasure trove of very positive attributes including being very innovative and enterprising. They revel in action oriented activities. As Aries become self-aware many are very open about their need for action. Many Aries jump head first into situations and express their innate courage.

Some other not so positive qualities Aries have earned are impatience and impulsiveness. In traditional astrology Aries is the first sign and represent a birth of the personality. Just like newly born babies their prime concern is their well-being from a myopic viewpoint. They are babies – they cannot help it. An Aries may not realize their action can be seen by others as somewhat self-centered and can be perceived as impatience and even impulsive.

Many of their ideas are practical and useful. Aries enjoy communicating and interacting with those from many walks of life and they can attract those who admire this type of courage.


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