Taurus can be generous

If you have a Taurus in your personal life you have probably experienced times when they have been generous – when you were in need of help in a situation or even if you needed temporary financial assistance a Taurus can be there for you. You can have conversations with Taurus on just about any topic. Then you hit a wall and a perfectly friendly and apparently open person can transform into a wall of reinforced steel right before your eyes. Why? Could it be because you are discussing a topic or belief that is very important to the Taurus in your life. He or she will not bulge even if you use logic or emotional appeals about a specific issue they have already decided is either black or white.

How did some Taurus people get the “stubborn” label attached to them? On issues that are important to them there are no gray areas on these topics. They sort of have a live and let live outlook regarding your beliefs.  Their beliefs are off limits and are not subject to your thoughts or opinions regarding these issues. This is where stubbornness issues come into play. It can appear that no matter how logical or reasonable a case you can present to some Taurus individuals you will never, ever get them to change their point of view. They dig in, believe they are right and you are wrong and that’s it.  As far as they are concerned the subject is closed.

Taurus are usually very practical and very hard workers.  They are generous and down to earth friends and co-workers.  Taurus’ positive attributes outweigh the not so positive traits.  Taurus beneficial qualities really shine as they raise grounded and stable children.



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