Most Taurus’ enjoy a feeling of abundance and luxury in their life

Most Taurus enjoy a feeling of abundance and luxury in their personal lives.  Taurus enjoy being surrounded by and looking at beautiful things in their homes and environment. Many Taurus use the positive attribute of being really good at handling their finances to purchase things of real value.

Taurus can be honest and a bit too direct for some people. Many Taurus appreciate those who are honest also – and if someone is not Taurus would rather not be around a dishonest person.  Those under the sign of Taurus are very slow to anger – it usually takes a lot before a Taurus person express their anger.  If a Taurus feels that someone is fake that person will not gain Taurus’ trust. When Taurus really trust someone they are very loyal and if a friend or a family member Taurus will be on your side for life.

A somewhat hidden gift many Taurus possess is a flair for organization. Having things organized is almost a need for some Taurus. Taurus are hardworking, focused and reliable workers.  They cannot operate in a chaotic, unorganized environment.  They operate best at home and in their professional life when there is structure and stability in all areas of life.  Taurus’ generosity, reliability and honesty makes those in this sign one of the most emotionally balanced of all of the signs.



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