Cancers can loosen up and enjoy being loving parents

It is very difficult for some Cancers to forget when someone has intentionally or unintentionally hurt them. Many times a Cancer can be reacting to something someone had done to them many years before. They should watch for a tendency to create negative situations from a slight that has already happened and usually has nothing to do with their current situation.

Some of Cancers positive qualities help to offset to some degree the constant up and down of a Cancer’ feelings and emotional stability. Those born within the Cancer sun sign are usually very faithful to their friends and family. Cancers value loyalty even if their emotional reactions to everyday life can be misunderstood by friends and family. When Cancers are less worried about their future they can let their proverbial hair down, loosen up and enjoy being very loving parents to their children.  Most Cancers are also protective of their extended family and friends.


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