Cancers expect people will do what they promise

Not really trusting the obvious Cancer wants to know for themselves that facts are correct; that people will do what they promise and that institutions are secure. These overwhelming emotions show up in their every day life and can be exhibited outwardly in Cancer’s interactions with friends, coworkers and family.  This could explain why some Cancers appear to be moody or temperamental.  When Cancers exhibit these swings of emotion this can make it difficult for some especially family members to be around them. On the other hand the Cancer person may be absolutely clueless why some friends or family react toward them not so positively.

For more constructive relationships at some point Cancers will have to realize they cannot control everything and eventually will have to trust the universe. They cannot control other people no matter how much they try. When a person born under Cancer takes the time to understand why their emotions are usually front and center they can become practical.  Discovering some practice that requires faith in a power other than themselves can eliminate some anxiety and allow them to be in the moment and enjoy what their loved ones have to offer.



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