Leos can realize that others in their life may actually have some good ideas

Leos usually have lots of energy and prefer to remain as busy as possible as long as they feel they are appreciated.  If for some reason a Leo feels they are being snubbed or taken advantage of the other side of Leo can emerge.  Leo’s are not above giving a cold shoulder and totally ignoring someone who has not shown appreciation for them. The unsuspecting person receiving the cold shoulder may not be aware of why they are being ignored by a Leo person.

Most Leos beliefs and viewpoints are usually broad and include people from all walks of life but some can hold their own beliefs close to their chest. Leo can be so confident that it is almost impossible for a friend, coworker or family member to get them to look at an idea from a different perspective.  Changing one of Leo’s closely held beliefs can appear to be almost impossible.

Leos can use their unique abilities to understand a broad array of ideas. Leos can also realize that others in their life may actually have some good ideas. This can assist in relieving the pressure Leos feel to control everything and to be in charge of the outcome of everything.  If a Leo can really accept that others in their life can help to carry the load toward their success it can relieve the Leo person from feeling the need to be “on” all of the time. Looking at the positives Leos have their friends and coworkers can really appreciate the gifts Leo can offer those in their life.



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