Leos are very generous to friends and loved ones

Some of Leos positive qualities are those that people love and appreciate about them. Leos are very generous to friends and loved ones. Many Leos also help out others especially when learning of a financial need. Many enjoy being around a person born under the Leo sun sign soaking up the optimism they can exude when things are going their way. Leos love to have an audience and will not disappoint. Whenever people are willing to listen and observe a Leo he or she will continue to bask in the admiration offered whether in large or small gatherings.

A Leo can have advice about everything

Many Leos do not have any problem at all expressing their beliefs and feelings to those in their professional and personal life. A Leo can have advice about everything. They can tell you what you should do at work; some Leos will give you relationship advice – some will even suggest how you should change your style. Some Leos naturally overreach believing they have the best advice and most of the time they do. In truth some Leos will actually have hurt feelings regarding any criticism from their loved ones.



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