Sagittarius usually express their honest feelings

Sagittarius have a need to express the freedom to be who they are and to do what they feel is right for them. At times when a Sagittarius feel they have committed to a plan or goal and as time goes on some can feel they have less freedom. If this happens many can exhibit less and less commitment to a plan of action.
A perceived negative that others may have about Sagittarius is the desire that some under this sign can be more tactful. If you have been around a Sagittarius sooner or later they may say something that can be surprising. The surprise usually is not shocking or taboo. At times Sagittarius can be so honest that an idea or thought that should be kept to themselves can roll off their tongue at the wrong time or place. As Sagittarius become more experienced with life and as they age most learn the art of being tactful.

Awakened Astro2-Sag3

Sagittarius brings with them a curious intelligence. Everyone they meet is usually very interesting to most Sagittarius. Sagittarius are usually generous with others. If a Sagittarius’ action is perceived as being inconsistent many can use their unique ability for positivity for self-encouragement. As Sagittarius experience life many learn to use these skills of encouragement and understanding on themselves to consistently power through to completion of a project or goal. Sagittarius can also be a deep source of wisdom for those around them. When those close to them are going through some difficult times Sagittarius are the most encouraging for others. Sagittarius has some great gifts and can be beneficial to many in their life.


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