If a Libra tells you they will assist you – believe them

Libras usually enjoy people getting along harmoniously.  If a Libra tells you they will assist you or work with you on a project you can believe them. They usually do everything in their power to get it done. Libras can have a tendency to want to be at all the events their friends invite them to. Promises and commitments can overlap and some may think the Libra is unreliable.

Because a Libra person takes information and observes a situation it could take a while to come to a conclusion about an issue.  Others in their life can consider this to be procrastination or indecisiveness.  At times a Libra will just let the issue work itself out especially when things are not quite clear. On the other hand some under the sign of Libra enjoy a good debate. Debating clears their mind and can also help to get to the bottom of situation. Libras sense of fairness, working to arrive at a balance and their love of debate can be why many are said to be good lawyers.


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