Taurus – Making the Best Use of Working Styles

created by C. Wilson

Taurus can work well within teams as many methodically take one step after another toward completion.  They can accept that others on the team may have totally different working styles and beliefs.

Taurus is a Fixed Sign and can intentionally focus on and ground their dreams into practicality and reality.

When a Taurus commits to a job or project some will rarely have a change of mind once a decision is made and will wrangle with a project until it is completed. 

Taurus work best in environments where they have specific tasks that are clear and functional.

Successful Taurus’ can use two skills they possess that others admire – Patience and Determination to work within teams to produce dependable results as they work on and manage projects.

Taurus’ work very hard for situations in their professional and private life to run smoothly. Many use their abilities to work through being independent in some areas and dependent on their team or department in other ways.

Taurus have the ability to get along with many people from all walks of life and to smoothly handle the situations life will present to them.

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