Do we really have only One Purpose?

edited by C. Wilson

There are a number of ideas and thought patterns regarding whether each person has an individual purpose.  One viewpoint held by some include beliefs that we do not have a purpose and at best if we knuckle down work hard and do the best that we can is enough.

Others believe we all – every person has a unique purpose – and along with loving our family discovering our place in our communities one of our jobs is to find our individual unique purpose. 

This purpose can be something that only they can do in a particular way.  For many their purpose can be something that comes naturally and many may take these things for granted.  At times the very thing we find so easy to do has individual values attached to it.

A study analyzing people regarding their views and opinions about their purpose reported that about twenty-five (25%) percent of those in the study had a clear idea of their purpose.  Another forty percent (40%) or so of others in the study either did not know their purpose or were neutral toward whether or not they had a purpose.

Other studies point toward what a person currently values can also impact whether and how they actively search for their Purpose. These are innate values not the value of physical things.  A major question revolves around β€œwhat it is that you value. β€œ  It is stated that value and purpose appear to be intertwined. 

Why many do not already know for sure what their purpose may be and how they can uniquely express this purpose?  If our purpose and values are interconnected it can become clear that as we learn what is important in our life what we value can become more defined and our current purpose become more distinct.

One important question can be whether our purpose changes in significant ways as we live and reach goals.  If our purpose changes as we live and learn and grow as we go through our life experiences could factor into why some do not know what their purpose may be at a particular time in their life.

It can make sense that some people feel they do not have One Purpose.  Life is a journey of all of the experiences we have and are living through so we can have different purposes within different phases of our lives.  Our values can change and our purpose can adapt and change with our changing values.

Discovering your purpose and realizing what you currently value are important ideas and can be linked together to find out what you enjoy, plan on doing or love to do.

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