Libras Working Style merges their Intellect and People Skills

by C. Wilson

Libras can exhibit both an enjoyment of mentally balancing ideas and beliefs and imaging and working to bring these ideas into existence in a practical manner.  Libra loves to evaluate and weigh ideas and principles against worldly practicality. 

Libras are Cardinal signs who have a love of initiating action toward an end result.  Libra is also an Air Sign where one of the qualities of this Sun Sign is to imperceptibly but consistently persist toward ideas and issues they believe in. 

Libras are very at ease around others and enjoy working with others toward goals and objectives.  

Libras expects everyone to uphold their part of the goals and objectives of the group.  Within group interactions a Libra may compensate for another’s slack but if this is continuous the Libra person can decide to bow out of the group.

When a Libra strongly takes up a cause or believe in an idea or practice within their working environments some can subtlety apply their energy and time toward that direction until reaching specific goals.  At times when issues within working environments are too flagrant for some Libras many will search for environments that are more consistent with their ideas and beliefs.

Libras possess a great intellect and diplomatic skills while many use their abilities to understand both the pro and con of a situation which can assist these natives as many work in a variety of environments including mediation, law, sales, marketing and public relations.

When a Libra makes a commitment they will do what it takes to live up to their promise. 

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