Persisting through the downs and the Ups

edited by C. Wilson

Having a great idea is important.  Planning how the idea will work is also important.  Some of the most important attributes are focusing and working toward your dream, idea or goal until it is accomplished.  Rarely are dreams, ideas and goals accomplished without determination and perseverance.

Determination perseverance and persistence, the definitions are interchangeable because they have similar meanings; and all relate to “never giving up.” The determination to succeed, to go to the next step is an innate ability we were born with.

As humans we are goal oriented and natural goal setters. 

We all have determination and persistence.  As we grew from infancy we learned how to walk and as toddlers we learned to talk.  We were determined and persisted until we took our first steps and uttered our first words. So if you believe that you lack determination or are not a persistent person, look at it another way.  If you are walking or talking or completed school, you have already proven that you are persistent.

Some of us have let other’s opinions convince us that we lack determination or have talked us out of our natural gift of persistence. 

  • At times persisting can mean that you may have gone as far as you can in a particular direction or within a situation while striving to reach a specific goal.
  • Releasing the intensity of focusing on exactly when and how that goal or dream should be expressed does not mean that you will keep going nonstop especially when it feels that emotionally or figuratively you are consistently running against an unmovable wall. 
  • Striving toward a specific goal can include taking some mental down time which can also be a part of persisting toward a goal when situations are not moving in the expected direction.
  • As we are determined to experience a dream or goal in our life persisting can also include allowing the space to mentally stop, access and follow your instincts while redirecting reorganizing or reimagining your effort or attention as you further pursue a goal.

You can decide to set a goal and reawaken your determination to experience accomplishing that goal.  This goal can be something large or small.  Plan the steps needed to reach and surpass the goal and know that you have already expressed perseverance and determination – probably many, many times over.  Take steps towards that goal and accomplish it.

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