Geminis Working Style Combines Agile Minds and Abilities to Target Needs

by C. Wilson

Geminis talents include thinking on their feet especially during sudden changes and chaotic times.  Some Geminis can thrive in environments that are fast paced and may become somewhat bored when things slow down and become more routine. 

Successful Geminis periodically monitor whether they are becoming bored with the work they do and have learned to eagerly accept assignments where they are challenged to learn something new.

Geminis can be great team players especially when other team members allow these natives free access within brainstorming and idea generating meetings.  Many Geminis have amazing abilities to come up with applicable ideas that can be beneficial to the group at just the right time. 

Geminis at work may exhibit their two sides – one that enjoys interacting with others.  Their conversation can be witty and at times humorous.  Then at other times their intellectual side comes out full blown. 

Gemini is an Air sign and enjoy information sharing.  Some under this sign really enjoy taking ideas at surface level as many ponder a large variety of information.  Gemini’s mind is so active and when they focus they can be really effective.  Some of their information sharing can be superficial and may require digging deeper checking for accuracy before passing information on to others. 

Geminis agile minds are drawn to working in event planning – many can excel within communication careers.  Many Geminis understand that communicating information and changes to coworkers within working environments are important qualities as a manager especially in fields that offer consistent change like promotional and public relation careers.  Geminis can be really good salespeople using their gift of conversation to promote and sell to others. 

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