waiting for your Ship to come In . . . have you sent a Ship out

We do not hear this phrase often if ever these days –waiting for your ship to come in – this can mean many things that can include:

  • Are you working as hard as you can now to make sure you get everything you’ve earned in your later years?
  • Are you continuing to work until you receive the rewards due to you?
  • Another could be that if you keep working you will benefit financially.

Not many people – if any – are literally and physically sending out ships.  Substituting the word ship with another more meaningful word could make this idea more relevant.  What could be the equivalent of this saying today?

If you substitute the word “ship” with “gifts” this can apply to many people.  When we are working for others or for yourself are you really sending your unique “gift” or “gifts” out into the world?

Some are spending their energy, time and physical resources in the type of job or working situation that actually incorporates and expresses their individual gifts as some can feel great satisfaction about the work they provide. 

Many others are in careers that do not require or even demand they use the individual unique gifts some have to offer as they work.  Some are in careers that do not tap into their gifts – those ideas, skills and talents that only you can perform or express in a specific way.  Some types of jobs do not require any individuality as work gets processed throughout the day.

Individual gifts come in many forms and expressions.  Studies have shown that someone who is able to use and express the unique gifts they bring into working environments, meetings and professional interactions with others while working usually have more enthusiasm.  These individuals can express a more optimistic outlook and are more confident in a changing and shifting environment.

So how are people sending out their gifts?  Even when someone works at a position where they feel little individuality some use their gifts outside of the working environment.  Many are using their gifts after work or during the weekend to begin their own small businesses, volunteer at nonprofits or philanthropic organizations. Many have discovered a means to express their gifts in a variety of ways.  Online and the internet has opened a wide chasm of opportunities to discover the many strategies to send someone’s gifts out into the world.

Of course when you start a small business the goal is to bring in some income.  Others develop and use their gifts as hobbies with the potential to earn income.  Depending upon your purpose and whether it makes money for you or not when sending your ship out – expressing your unique gifts – assists many to develop and follow their own path within or outside of their working environments.

Just expressing our gifts can assist in feeling that these gifts can be intertwined within the work we do or can become a constructive part of our creative lives.

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