Capricorn – time to thrive in your Career?

by C. Wilson

As an Earth Sign Capricorns can be naturally draw toward careers where a job title or job description and scope of work is usually on the practical end.  Some Capricorns can make reliable group leaders, supervisors and managers in careers that hold more seriousness such as in the fields of Engineering, Finance and Information Technology (IT).  These are all great careers that can be a professional match for Capricorns’ drive.

Many Capricorns take pride in improving themselves professionally as they reach individual goals.  After some Capricorns have spent some time learning applying and over time mastering the skills their careers demand many enjoy sharing and mentoring some who are newly into similar careers.

  • Capricorns may not realize that many in this sign can be very creative including being artistic.  When considering occupations and careers some under this sign may shy away from creative or artistic careers that historically may not appear to offer opportunities for earning a livable or sustaining income in a practical manner.  Many highly creative or artistic people are earning substantial incomes in artistic, musical and creatively oriented careers.
  • What may be a hidden trait is that when a Capricorn decides and commits to a creative endeavor or artistic career this sign’s persistent determination and desire to climb toward the top of their field expresses the grit, persistence and creative abilities to thrive in their chosen field. These qualities can make them more likely to reach success than many of the other signs.
  • At this time many Capricorns can be open to applying their intuition and communicating their expectations within working environments when making decisions. 

For some Capricorns during this time creativity is highlighted with an opportunity to make use of their intuition within a different career direction such as organizations that caters to social programs that assist others or charitable groups that focus on improving the lives of others.  These creative areas also have administrative, leadership, supervisory or managing positions.

  • Some media-oriented positions such as Marketing Manager, Brand Strategist, Brand Marketing Manager and Creative Director could be careers of interest for Capricorns during this time. 
  • Another creative career for some Capricorns can be in Web Graphic Design.  This career can allow creative Capricorns to use their usually developed communication skills toward boosting their understanding of working with others and motivating their peers and coworkers. 

With Capricorns’ determination to be the best along with an almost innate need to climb to the top of the proverbial hill like their zodiac symbol “the Goat” many Capricorns are and can experience success whether in traditional careers or creative and artistic careers.

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