Power of Choice – Your Thoughts or Others

edited by C. Wilson

We are constantly bombarded with the opinions of other people.  

Information is non-stop, twenty-four hours each and every day.  Online there are hundreds of thousands of pieces of information for our retrieval and use.  Most are not aware that we are constantly presented with other people’s beliefs, thoughts and opinions almost hourly. 

We have smart phones, tablets, television, online access along with social media.  Traveling as fast as our devices allows this is definitely the age of information.  At times we can receive a constant and almost overwhelming amount of information whether we want it or not.  Through these networks of information we can often let another’s opinion influence our thoughts although many of us rarely realize these facts.

We can be flooded with a lot of information about what other people think – including their beliefs opinions and ideas.  We can receive so much information that there can be an overload.  If we are not careful, we will take others thoughts as our own.

Is an idea your own or have you been implanted (intentionally or not) with someone’s opinion?  After all it is up to us to decide whether we are going to think about some idea issue or topic or not. 

  • To avoid an overload we can just take a few minutes and observe and listen then make mental notes about what we are reading and hearing from this “twenty-four/seven/365” information loop. 
  • Taking an inner survey can be a good idea.  Rating how important to you a particular topic that you are giving your attention toward can be one way to realize the importance of a topic. 
  • On a scale of one to ten you can ask yourself what you want to give your attention toward. A rating of ten could show that you really care about or would really be affected by a topic or topics that you regularly listen to or read. If you rate a particular topic low then focusing your attention on a goal or goals that you would like to experience can allow you to consciously decide on a specific topic or situation.   Focusing on ideas, topics and information that has the potential of assisting in making your life run smoother or more successfully can be beneficial in your life.

Changing a routine involving what we watch or listen to at a particular time of the day may not be easy to change.  First of all we may not even realize that we are in a particular routine.  We tend to automatically do some things on a regular basis.  Once we become aware of what we are looking at and listening to we can choose to change a routine.

We have the power to change our minds and think about any topic we choose. It does take practice to even become aware of thoughts as we think them. If you become aware that you are thinking of something that is not really important to you, you can replace it.  It may be helpful to concentrate on an idea or topic that can provide the results you desire. We can remember that we have the power to choose ideas, topics, beliefs and opinions that we feel can be helpful or important to us.

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