Art makes us Think

edited by C. Wilson

Enjoying and Experiencing Art

Every time we look at a visual piece of art our brain automatically goes into action to make sense of the visual information and stimuli it is receiving.  As we observe art for understanding our brains are stimulated in the area of the brain that activates how we make sense of colors and shapes and how visual patterns are organized. 

The more time spent viewing and analyzing a work of visual art can impact both our conscious and subconscious.  As we appreciate and enjoy what we are observing our brains also goes through other changes such as increasing blood flow as analytical and problem solving skills are activated.

  • When viewing a piece of art that an individual considers “beautiful” some of the same chemicals as being in love increases. 
  • One of these chemicals is serotonin which impacts our emotions and healthy brain activity.  This chemical can give us a feeling of “enjoyment” among a lot of good benefits including affecting our ability to sleep well.  These chemicals can also influence our moods and outlook. 

Just looking at Art can be Beneficial

These chemical-effects can extend toward how someone perceives their current life situations as positive or negative experiences.

  • While looking at and experiencing art for understanding and making sense of what we are looking at while subconsciously or consciously working to understand the intent of the artist our analytical or problem solving skills can be activated. 
  • When looking at a visual work of art our thought processes like to associate what we are viewing with our understanding of the objects we are looking at and can connect our thoughts with our emotions.
  • As an artist is creating their work many can be in a state of inspiration.  When someone is viewing a work of art and it emotionally resonates with the viewer that person can also feel inspired and can bring up “pleasurable” or enjoyable emotions while viewing a work of art. 

At times viewing and understanding art can assist us in tapping into our critical thinking skills and can help many of us become more tolerant of others views.

18 thoughts on “Art makes us Think

  1. Just how I feel about art and one of the reasons I create it 🙂 The pleasure a viewer can feel and my own pleasant view of something I’d found beautiful.


  2. As a partially colour-blind writer who has been involved in creative collaborations with different artists I could not agree more.
    Art enhances not only my words, but the world in general, and I hold those who create it in the highest esteem.
    Thank you for following Sound Bite Fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

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