Creative Writing is Art

created by C. Wilson

Writing as art include expressing and communicating the writers ideas thoughts emotions and feelings to create a variety of situations, events and characters.  Some creative writers can create their own world of characters and situations.

Writing about positive experiences such as falling in love, spending time with loved one, sharing music experiences can help in a variety of ways including relieving anxiety.  In some instances expressing emotions about some realistic experiences can also be healthy. 

Just as with visual and performance art nonfiction writing requires expressing your creativity in many forms including openly flowing ideas and words. 

  • Expressing creativity within many art forms can assist in providing a healthy outlook within your life. Writing can help many to organize their thoughts and work out some traumatic experiences. 
  • Others write to assist in monitoring their emotions.  Others can write to solve problems and to be more aware of life experiences. 

There are a wide variety of forms of writing.  Some are included within this post  The many forms of writing include conveying feelings, telling a story; expressing a point of view and writing to inform others. 

  • Many improve their writing skills by blogging.  Blogging is an individual choice. People who blog can release and express the good and not so good feelings they are experiencing. 
  • Some write blog posts many times a day, others once daily, once weekly or monthly. 
  • Some people find journaling beneficial.  Journal writing can include writing about the positive things in which they are grateful and not so positive things to release and reduce stress. 
  • Some journal to focus on people situations and experiences.   Others journal their goals and near future plans to help declutter their minds. Journaling can be a good tool to assist with relieving stress.
  • Novels are works of written art with over ten to forty thousand words that tell a story about a person, location, an object or a variety of objects and situations.  Novels are usually fictional writing.
  • Novellas are usually works of fiction and may be read in a day.  There is usually one plot and is focused on one character
  • Novellas are much smaller than a Novel that tells a story about a person or events in a creative very descriptive compelling and effective and engaging style. A Novella can be similar to a short story.  A Novelette is even smaller that makes an impact.
  • Short Stories are similar to Novellas that conveys a story with impact and compelling story lines, characters and situations.
  • Short stories and Novellas usually have a story or event or a situation that almost immediately grabs the readers’ attention.  These are also compact storylines or characters with compelling situations.

Writing about your ideas, constructive insights and specific viewpoints can assist the writer and reader to make use of their imagination vision and creativity in variety of ways. Putting your ideas feelings and emotions into specific forms of writing can allow for some imaginative and innovative blogs, novels and short stories that your audience can enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Creative Writing is Art

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    seems to bury us, but still one feels certain barriers, certain gates,
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