Your energy – a force of nature?

edited by C. Wilson

Aries Leo Sagittarius Fire Element

Astrological charts has many components – including aspects, elements and many other components that make up an individual’s chart.  Astrology can be best taken in bite sizes.  Most know the sign they were born under (your Sun Sign).  The Sun sign is important but it’s just a fragment of an astrological chart. One of these components are Astrological Elements.

There are four (4) Astrological ElementsFire Water Earth and AirAstrological Elements can be described as energy.  Just as in nature each element has a specific energy.  Water has a different energy than Air and Fire is a different energy than Earth.  Each of the twelve (12) Astrological Sun Signs from Aries through Pisces is expressed through one of the four natural Astrological Elements. 

Fire Element

In astrology the Fire Element is represented by three (3) Signs – Aries – Leo and Sagittarius.  Fire Signs are spontaneous and passionate about their beliefs.  Fire Signs can act and react impulsively when moved by an idea, goal or even a person who holds their interest. As the nature of fire can be spontaneous, it can be difficult to contain. 

  • Many Fire element natives can be courageous and some can exhibit a good deal of pride. Fire elements can feel it is their “right” to take the lead.  They can also exhibit bravery and initiate and innovate new or unique ideas.
  • Many people within the Fire element would rather act upon an idea or goal than to explain or talk about their plans.  In some cases some under this element may jump into a project just to get it going and to avoid talking themselves out of a new idea. 
  • Fire Element people can be assertive and passionate about their plans and ideas.  Instead of jumping in and putting some ideas into action some under this element can benefit by giving more deliberate thought before acting on some plans.  There are not many Fire Element natives who shy away from the spotlight to highlight their goals and accomplishments. 

Many are idealists and believe they are making the best decisions for themselves, co-workers friends or family.  Fire elements courage and creativity can get them through most challenges and obstacles. 

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