Writing Poetry Songs and Plays expresses your Creativity

edited by C. Wilson

Our creativity is expressed in a variety of avenues. Many people understand that just expressing our individual creativity – whether it is through visual art, performance art creative writing poetry or songwriting –assists in expressing our authenticity and at times gives us a boost toward feeling better in some measure large or small. 


Poetry is written to be expressed in a variety of venues – some write poetry to get their emotions out into written form – others write poems to be verbally expressed among a number of people and some write just for their personal benefit. 

Poetry can consist of a variety of words that convey a number of ideas experiences and viewpoints.

  • Some poems have a specific rhythm and other poems do not depending on the writer.
  • Some poems remain on one topic while others express a myriad of topics emotions or ideas. 


Poetry and Songwriting are creative activities that are similar.Poetry and Songwriting can be written to express and communicate ideas, personal beliefs and opinions. 

When creating songs many write to express their emotions and their experiences. 

  • Songs are usually written to be accompanied with vocals in some instances and melodies in most instances. 
  • Many songs are also written to include some harmonies.  


When writing a script for a play one of the most important things many writers use is descriptive dialogue between characters as they are interacting and communicating. 

  • In a play many watching do not have the benefit of sitting so close they can actually see facial expressions or minute body language.  Dialogue and intentional body movements can be deliberately expressed to convey ideas or situations. 
  • Some dialogue can be written in poetry form or other specific forms of language within a variety of authentic dialects.
  • In a dramatic or musical play some write intense dialogue or express powerful action or behaviorsto make scenes memorable. – Musical plays usually provide songs or melodies to emphasize the emotions of characters or the ambience of scenes. 


When writing a script for a film or for the screen showing images is usually one of the most important factors. 

  • In a film or movie we view many images – observe scenery and facial expressions – and witness action. 
  • Visual images are more powerful instead of someone describing a scene.  An example can involve a scene like an unexpected car accident. 
  • Visually seeing something that is powerful and memorable can push the storyline along.  Images and dialogue together assists viewers to process and remember a lot of information in a small amount of time.

Some studies suggest that even Nonfiction writers who write for news organizations or books or biographies can benefit from understanding how creative fiction writers make use of the wide span of their creativity as they supply information to entertain and successfully hold the interest of their readers.

Creative fiction writing provides a variety of opportunities and multidimensional forms for those who enjoy expressing their emotions, opinions and viewpoints through writing.

4 thoughts on “Writing Poetry Songs and Plays expresses your Creativity

  1. Truly all forms of writing are a wonderful way to tap into our creativity and express ourselves! I want to try my hand at screenwriting one of these days and experiment with how emotion can be conveyed in words that open up the imagination. 🙂

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