Capricorns interactions with friends and family

Capricorns are some of the most loyal people to family and close friends that you may know.  Capricorns also are very helpful and practical for those close to them.  Capricorns are very determined once they have decided on a goal or a path.  Capricorns are usually very good organizers.  Capricorns value and seek leadership in … Continue reading Capricorns interactions with friends and family

Happiness or not (your choice)

Happiness is not a permanent state.  Some of us remember when something unexpected made us happy.  If you’re lucky you can experience happy feelings and at the same time accept that these feelings are fleeting. Being nice is a choice for people.  “Nice” is an action word that can be fleeting for some just as … Continue reading Happiness or not (your choice)

Aries can become open to different experiences

This space in time can provide a wide window for Aries to take a mirror and look into your inner motivations and actions. You could be searching for more understanding of what motivates you and what does not. Your views about how you developed your inner beliefs and opinions could expand. This transit can allow … Continue reading Aries can become open to different experiences

Scorpios just naturally keep their deep thoughts to themselves

Not many Scorpios verbally indulge in wishful thinking and talk about their hopes. They usually keep their plans close to the chest.  Many prefer that others see results that are produced instead of Scorpios talking about their goals. Most Scorpios realize that everyone will not understand them. At times using uncanny insight they just instinctively … Continue reading Scorpios just naturally keep their deep thoughts to themselves

Leos are very generous to friends and loved ones

Some of Leos positive qualities are those that people love and appreciate about them. Leos are very generous to friends and loved ones. Many Leos also help out others especially when learning of a financial need. Many enjoy being around a person born under the Leo sun sign soaking up the optimism they can exude … Continue reading Leos are very generous to friends and loved ones

Cancers value loyalty

Cancers are hard workers and can benefit emotionally when they are able to release the pressure of making money and focus on their artistic abilities. Cancers can be very creative. When a Cancer expresses their artistic side they are capable of creating poems, writing and works of arts that are just beautiful. Some Cancers are … Continue reading Cancers value loyalty

Gemini loves information

Gemini is the sign of general information and communication. Gemini's thoughts are fast and the speed can be furious. Gemini's thoughts are so quick if can appear they can accomplish the impossible feat of mentally holding two thoughts simultaneously at the same time.  They cannot but they come very close. A thought can occur to … Continue reading Gemini loves information

Good Ideas Speed Across Aries Mind

At times Aries can appear agitated. Aries has a need be to active. Some of this can be attributed to the many ideas that can pass through Aries minds at lightening speed. The abundance of good ideas mentally speeding through an Aries mind can cause some under this sign to go into overdrive. Aries can … Continue reading Good Ideas Speed Across Aries Mind

Aries positive attributes

Aries has a treasure trove of very positive attributes including being very innovative and enterprising. They revel in action oriented activities. As Aries become self-aware many are very open about their need for action. Many Aries jump head first into situations and express their innate courage. Some other not so positive qualities Aries have earned … Continue reading Aries positive attributes

Aries wants to be first

Most Aries enjoy being at the forefront of the latest trends. Aries are also blessed with very fruitful and highly creative imaginations. At times ideas can run through their minds almost ten at a time. If they are trying to assist you with a problem they may appear to demand your undivided attention. Most Aries … Continue reading Aries wants to be first