Taurus this can be an opportunity to look at your life situations


What is great for Taurus is that energies around sudden changes and disruptions which can usually irritate some to no end is providing avenues for calmness and reflection. Taurus’ work very hard for situations in their life to run smoothly. During this time receptivity to different experiences can be received with little to no pushback. Looking at these experiences in a relaxed and calm manner can be favorable in your present situation.

Over this period the opportunity for many Taurus is to learn how to loosen up and release the subtle control some may have over situations and even people in their life. Some of the best things this period can offer but will probably be uncomfortable is to work on having more open viewpoints on some ideas and beliefs you may have dug your heels into. This can be an opportunity to look at your life situations and your interactions with others in your life with “new eyes.”

Taurus usually enjoy smoothly running households and many enjoy having the beautifully aesthetic things in their homes including furniture, art and comfortable décor. Taurus have the ability to get along with many people from all walks of life and to smoothly handle the situations life will present to you.


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