Gemini more than almost any of the signs enjoy information sharing

Geminis can get excited about a variety of subjects. Most Geminis enjoy talking and thinking about a variety of subjects. Gemini during this time you could find that your attention and focus could be directed toward areas you may not have considered before.

This period could also have you looking more closely at your communications with your friends and family and the impact your conversations have with those close to you. You could begin to think that some close to you are behaving differently. If you are on social media you could find that others you communicate with could present ideas that assist in opening your viewpoint.

Some Gemini’s do not intentionally soul search or take the time to consider what they may habitually think about and how their actions or reactions may be generated from these thoughts and inner feelings. This period can allow you to observe the quality and the amount of information you’re currently identifying with and how that information can assist you in discovering what you are really currently looking to experience.

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