Gemini this can be an excellent time to involve those you trust

Gemini’s mind is so active but when they focus they are surprisingly effective.  Their conversation can be witty and at times humorous.  Conversations with Geminis can also  come off as being superficial about some important topics. Gemini this is an excellent time to let others that you trust pinpoint a few habitual patterns and themes that your are not working for you.

Usually when talk is about Geminis rarely are feelings included in the mix. During this phase Geminis can take advantage of the opportunity that is making a space for emotional deep dives for your intelligent and versatile sign. If Geminis allow a somewhat emotional deep dive you can really pay attention to your feelings and resulting beliefs.  You can thrive and really move in the direction of what you have been longing to experience. 

Everyone no matter what sign they are under have basic feelings.  Some signs such as Gemini appear to bury or redirect their feelings in other directions.  Some of this redirection has been the cause of some of Geminis’ emotional and intimate blocks with others.  Either consciously or subconsciously, this is the time to get past fears around your emotions and work on those blocks.  You can choose to take the opportunity this time is offering you to get a chance to discover and express what you really want to experience in your life.

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