One Question that Really Matters


Do I love myself, my family and others well?

Every now and then as you assess where you are mentally, spiritually and emotionally it can be beneficial to ask yourself and answer this question.

It appears to be so basic but when you love yourself (including accepting past mistakes, faults and all) this allows a genuine flow of constructive energy to love your family members and others you care for in your orbit.

Accepting and loving yourself includes getting past the mistakes, the “should haves” and the disappointments from the past while learning from those lessons and moving through them to focus on the present the gift of today.  Forgiving yourself for what you may not have been aware of can then allow the emotional space to begin to apply lessons for self-improvement and growth whether in small or large increments.

As humans it appears that we learn the most from the mistakes we make after we have gotten through them. Many of us admit to ourselves that we will not do that same thing again.  At times we are able to avoid the same mistake and at other times some have to go through the experience again usually in a slightly different instance.  Keeping the lessons in mind can help you to understand and be more forgiving toward family and friends when they make mistakes.

Learning to treat ourselves and others well through the mistakes and lessons of life can begin by understanding and appreciating what life brings. The main difference is to understand that as you learn from experiences and not blaming anyone (including yourself) can be one of the most emotionally impactful ways to truly accept yourself.

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