Cancer – There can be many emotionally charged changes in your life

by C. Wilson

The good news about this period is the opportunity it offers for a more objective and broad view of what you are really identifying with.  You can consciously experience some of these feelings (without too close of an emotional tie) and work to observe the situations that bring up those highly emotional feelings.  With so many emotionally charged changes going on during this transit this is a rare period in time for Cancer to really search deeply, broadly but objectively to begin to figure yourself out.  Of all of the water signs Cancer usually allow inner fears of what they may find beneath it all to scare them off from going deep emotionally.

The planets are welcoming you to bravely access a broad array of your emotions for the purpose of emotional growth.  As you discover how your feelings control your interactions with others this can also lead to better relationships and better communication with others.  If you can continue to examine those feelings realistically you may discover how to make use of those emotions for more open and satisfying communications with family and friends.

Becoming more open to your feelings and inner needs presents a possibility of discovering new skills that can be used in group settings and even pursuit of new livelihoods over time.

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