Leos – this can be a time to allow patience for opportunities to appear

Leos in one way or another enjoy being around people.  Even those under Leo
sun sign who appear to be reserved or laid back enjoy the company of people – especially close friends and family.  During this period Leos may yearn for adventure and excitement even during this time. If Leos can focus on inner growth this time can still be constructive and personally rewarding.

Leos could take the time to really observe how those who are emotionally close are expressing their feelings toward them.  Leos can observe whether their emotions and words are matching the actions they are exhibiting to friends and family.

At times Leos are not subtle people.  When they enjoy something they let you know.  When they disapprove others in their life can also be quite aware of this.  This can be a space in time for more authentic personal and professional relationships.

Over time and as these transits progress having renewed the benefit of insight into your own emotional mechanisms can allow the patience for opportunities to appear for better personal and professional relationships.

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