Going along to get along

We should be comfortable with letting others see who we really are.  Getting along with others is very important, but going against your beliefs just to get along with others will not assist in developing confidence toward expressing the real you when interacting with others.

At times, we sense that we are not as accepted by others as much as we would like.  It is somewhat natural that everyone will not immediately accept us.  Some people will never “get us” or understand our perspective. 

Eventually we can realize that the people who are important to us will learn who we are and authentically accept us. 

Our real strength is in the acceptance of our own authenticity and perspectives as we go through our working and personal lives.  It is more important for us to accept who we really are whether or not anyone else does. As we become involved with teams, whether we feel that other people are able to understand us, true strength lies in being authentic to your beliefs and to become more comfortable with yourself every day.  

Authentic inner strength gives us the ability to be who we really are within every environment, whether at work, home or within our personal lives.

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