Virgos can work on closer bonds with family

Virgos are very loyal to those they love and trust. Virgos are intelligent and love to analyze those close to them. Most Virgos are quiet by nature and they thoroughly understand the nature of humans. Those under this sign are usually reliable and practical. Those in their family count on Virgos’ ability to assist them to solve problems in very practical ways.

This period can allow Virgos to understand how they identify with where their real personal power resides. Many can decide whether this period in time can be seen as business as usual or many can become aware of their true power.

Virgos are very observant by nature and rarely miss even the smallest detail. Many Virgos also have very acute intuition. Because intuition is not a gift to touch or see some Virgos do not acknowledge this function, but it can be a natural talent.

During this period of time situations and events could lead many Virgos to not only acknowledge this gift but some may find a need to consciously make full use of this gift. This may also be an uncomfortable and somewhat foreign time for many Virgos.

Virgo this can be a time to work on closer bonds with your family by being comfortable with your own feelings. One of the most uncomfortable things for some Virgos to do is to not only acknowledge their emotions but to deep dive into their feelings. Many Virgos can act as if they do not even have emotions. Virgos many in your life can be acting strangely toward you and this can be confusing.

This period of time could open up emotional issues for some under this sign around whether they have some power over their emotions and feelings.

Using the opportunity to understand their emotional make up and apply their usual practicality more fully could open up avenues for better relationships with friends and family and could lead to pathways for more professional success.

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