Change – accept or Challenge it

by C. Wilson

We love the good times.  We feel confident when it appears that we are making the right decisions and these choices are apparently paying off.  During the good times we are enjoying life, our finances are great and we have many of things we want.

But when times get hard, many want to run away and deny that any good can come from this time in our lives.  When things are not going the way we thought they would it can be difficult to consider that situations are the way they should be. 

One thing to acknowledge, which is very difficult to do when times are rough is that the challenging times are as much a part of life as the good times.

When times are challenging, we can learn to ask ourselves whether there is something to learn from a challenging experience.  It can be difficult to accept but there is usually something we can learn especially during challenging times.  You begin to notice a pattern – and you finally get the message to try something different.

You may be more or less forced to look at things differently including whether your current field is really making the best use of your naturally given gifts and the talents you have developed from previous experience.  You may know in your heart that it is not.  Eventually you may decide to get some training more in line with your skills and interest.

After some time you could realize that outer situations beyond your control and your natural inner instinct could be leading you to a place of work or a livelihood that allows you to truly exhibit and express your natural gifts and talents.

Over time you may eventually become grateful as you make good use of all of the chaos and turmoil that being downsized and losing your job can cause in your life.  You can now work at a job or livelihood where you may be getting promotions or having the opportunity to constructively promote yourself while using your natural skills and talents along with a good income. 

What can be interesting is the possibility that we would have never gotten the message to find a new or different livelihood to enjoy without the challenges.

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