Libras work hard to keep things working smoothly

by C. Wilson

Libras can be some of the most balanced people you know.  Most Libras work hard to keep things in their lives working smoothly.  Libras appreciate harmony in their lives.  When a Libra makes a commitment they will do what it takes to live up to their promise. 

Libras enjoy working with others toward goals and objectives within groups.  Those under the sign of Libra have a reputation of being the diplomat within interactions with friends, family and in their professional lives.  Within group interactions Libras expects everyone to uphold their part of the goals and objectives of the group.  Many can find a Libra will compensate for anothers’ slack but if this is continuous a Libra person can decide to bow out of the group.

This period in time can present to some Libras emotional issues around relationships.  Family, friends and professional associates can appear to behave differently to Libras during this period and can open up issues of how Libras identify with family and friends.  Many can discover the balance they seek is in giving more of themselves in some instances and in other relationships allowing others to pull their own weight.  Decisions around whether the Libra person should be the mediator or should they just let things work itself out is also highlighted.

During this period of time some Libras can find that many issues related to their childhood may suddenly bubble to the surface.  One of the most beneficial outcomes from this period in time is when feelings of uncertainty emerge it can be best for the Libra person to objectively observe their feelings. What can also be helpful is to pay attention to the types of interactions with others that bring these emotions to the surface.  As Libras work through some of these emotions staying objective and consciously working to find balance with friends and family can go a long way toward maintaining your peace of mind.

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