Scorpios can focus on and target their goals

by C. Wilson

Scorpios are very loyal to close friends and their family.  Scorpios are also protective of those close to them. Some people are attracted to Scorpios when they exhibit their charming side.  Others are attracted to Scorpios’ mysterious aura. Most Scorpios have these magnetic qualities.  Whether others perceive this or not Scorpios tend to be very brave during disruptive and chaotic times. 

Scorpios have the ability to intentionally balance the so called good and bad of situations and have the ability to be realistic through it all.  Scorpios also have the ability to apply the skills and determination to meet their self-ascribed goals. When a person under the sign of Scorpio intensely focuses on and targets a goal many have an uncanny ability to see that goal or goals come to fruition sooner or later. 

Scorpios you can consciously use your natural gifts and talents

During this period some Scorpios may feel more than the usual emotions from their past slowly being realized.  Some of these emotions could revolve around whether they feel powerful or powerless about the work they do.  Many may realize feelings about how the past is influencing their current work and livelihood scenarios today. 

Other issues for some Scorpios could be whether or not you are using both your natural gifts and the talents that you have perfected over time in the most creative ways and how they are currently working for you. 

The opportunity during this period is that it can offer mental spaces where you can objectively look at your current skills and whether you are applying them to your benefit in your day to day livelihoods and work-related activities.  What can also be very beneficial during this period is to objectively look at your personal and social relationships to discern how you can use this insight to improve both your personal and professional relationships.

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