Faith – Fear or Belief – We use it all of the Time

by C. Wilson

This is not about spiritual Faith which is important.  This is about the faith we use without even realizing it.  Every day we expect to wake up and either go to work or begin our daily activities.  Spring is always followed by summer then fall and winter.  Consciously or subconsciously we are probably in the habit of taking these things for granted

The simplest explanation of faith is a belief that something will happen in either the immediate, near or far off future. This is an example of unconscious Faith. 

When we put our faith and belief in what we desire to happen, we subconsciously give the go ahead by the mere acceptance of believing that these events have a possibility of happening

The first step can begin by a thought.  At times the thought is through mentally affirming our desire as we visualize and imagine what we expect to happen. 

When we desire some thing or a situation or event instead of placing energy on fear based thoughts that it may not happen, we can focus our imagination, energy and emotions on what we want to happen.  Faith is expecting the outcome that is desired or imagined and giving thought to how we want that same event or thing to be expressed and experienced.

Athletes mentally imagine making that last-second score that wins the game or see themselves crossing the finish line.  They do this time and time again over and over which helps them towards being the best at their game.  In theatrical plays and in movies actors go a step further and rehearse scenes over and over.  When we imagine what we plan on a step-by-step basis, this can be similar to having faith in and rehearsing the outcome that is desired.  We can consciously give our new desire life by mentally imagining it and prepare for an event by mentally practicing as if it has already occurred.

Many successful people have and continue to “practice” through their imagination.  As we visualize the good outcome of what we what to occur we can work on making constructive use of those feelings to accomplish our goals.

When the energy of your feelings connects with a consistently visualized idea this energy can assist in achieving your expected goals.

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