Sagittarius can be very independent thinkers

by C. Wilson

Sagittarius usually looks at and addresses situations from a positive point of view.  Sagittarius are generous and helpful to their friends and family.  Sagittarius enjoy meeting people with different philosophies than their own. 

Sagittarius can be very philosophical and enjoy discussions about similarities and perceived differences of their own and others beliefs.  Even after understanding others beliefs and opinions Sagittarius can be very independent thinkers and will still hold on to their own beliefs especially concerning their personal freedoms. 

Depending where someone is on the journey there is good news or not so good news for many Sagittarius.  Many under this sign have been going through some very challenging and life changing situations for a number of years

During this time Sagittarius can use the clarity some have received as an opportunity for self-reflection to discover what they are currently identifying with emotionally.  The spotlight can be on whether Sagittarius are using the large spectrum of creativity that they possess. Focus can be on whether you are giving energy toward using your creativity to its greatest capacity for your good. 

This can be one of the most constructive times that Sagittarius has had in a long time. A good amount of Sagittarius have the opportunity to apply hard won lessons from the upheavals and emotional trials and challenges endured over the previous few years. Many can begin to eliminate the doubts you may have about your self-worth and go full speed ahead and use your newly realized skills and creativity that can now be beneficial for you and your life in the present. 

Sagittarius can now forge ahead and make constructive use of the lessons garnered from their personal and emotional deep dives over the previous few years.  Some of the lessons can be redirected into new ideas for livelihoods and experiences that you enjoy.

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