Capricorns interactions with friends and family

by C. Wilson

Capricorns are some of the most loyal people to family and close friends that you may know.  Capricorns also are very helpful and practical for those close to them.  Capricorns are very determined once they have decided on a goal or a path.  Capricorns are usually very good organizers.  Capricorns value and seek leadership in their private -social – and personal lives.  Many Capricorns can exhibit a hard surface but there is usually a caring person behind the façade.

Capricorns may find that family and friends can act and behave differently than the usual.  During this period communication with others in their lives can be subtle which can also present opportunities for these natives to communicate differently and more effectively during interaction with others.

During this transit Capricorns can experience what they are identifying with on a personal level especially around their upbringing and childhood.  Many under this sign can find themselves going down memory lane more often than usual especially when recalling past interactions with parents and siblings.

Over time as this transit occurs Capricorns are being offered the gift of observing and understanding some behaviors with others that can assist in providing experiences many would enjoy on personal and professional levels.

This period could yield greater rewards for Capricorns in their personal social and in their professional lives that can also lead to opportunities and greater success in their livelihoods. 

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