Be Bold – Even Now – Ask for What You Want

edited by C. Wilson

Even during challenging times we can learn to remember that although these times can be disheartening these times are also temporary.  We can eventually experience our desired goals as some work on reimagining their goals during this somewhat demanding period in time. 

When we have a clear image, and the desire or goal does not go away this can be an important key towards discovering that the thing truly wanted could also be the very thing or goal we are here to express and experience

We can find that if we mentally ask and follow our inner guidance and continue to visualize and form a clear picture of what we really want to experience we can become aligned with those true desires or goals.  The desires of our heart or our goals are personal. We should follow our own inner guidance regarding our goals and also recognize that others may not understand our goals.  They have goals of their own. 

If we are actively pursuing our goals and we have the information and training or experience needed we can let ourselves realize that if the goal or goals really resonant with our attention, our prominent thoughts and even the words we use give us really good chances to experience our goals.  

As time goes on and life and livelihood potentials opens up in the near or farther future you can be in the process of pursuing educational and career goals towards earning a living more in line with making a better future for yourself. 

When we focus and concentrate and take action on what it is we really want to do, even if it involves excluding everyone’s opinions, usually with persistence we can find the type of work, livelihood and income we desire that helps to authentically express ourselves.

Many can mentally and emotionally register the fact that this phase is not permanent and will change.  Some slowly realize that these challenging times are temporary.  It may take longer and we may have to apply our inner determination and persistence on a more consistent basis for some goals to become reality. 

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