Aquarius can focus on how they communicate with others

edited by C. Wilson

Aquarius are friendly to those they know and also to strangers.  Aquarius are very loyal to their immediate family.  Aquarius enjoy socializing with a large variety of people.  Aquarius usually accept people as they are.  Many enjoy laughter and good times.  Aquarians use their intelligence in their humanitarian activities as they assist others. Most Aquarians are very creative.  They can be very independent of thought and actions. 

During this period Aquarians may be asked to focus more on what they identify within the area of communication.  Many may find it more difficult than usual to communicate their ideas plainly and directly.  Some may find that those close to them can misinterpret what the Aquarius person actually means on a number of occasions about important and minor topics. This period also offers personal insight through observing reactions from friends and family as you interact. 

Aquarius could be addressing emotional issues around valuing their self-worth, their skills and what they feel they bring into relationships.  Behaviors of your friends and family can point to certain areas where you may feel that you are not appreciated. 

This period offers you an opportunity to observe your words and behaviors and how others in your life react.  This period can allow for objectivity while you observe your interactions.  Adjusting some of your communication and behavior during this period can be very beneficial toward better relationships with those in your life.

Aquarians can be offered a chance to look at some long held beliefs about what you really value.  Allowing for objectivity as you become aware of your inner thoughts about your interactions and what you value could allow insight into areas that can be beneficial in your personal arena.  Being offered a different way of looking at these things can open up avenues for you to make different choices in relationships and in your livelihood choices.

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