When Pisces decides to pursue a goal

by C. Wilson

Pisces are some of the most helpful people you may know.  Pisces will help friends and family if they can.  Most Pisces can offer a sympathetic ear for their close friends and family.  Their compassionate nature allows them to value all of their relationships.  When a person under the sign of Pisces decides to pursue a goal especially if it’s something they really enjoy doing no one can talk them out of it.  Pisces has to be aware of their own self-talk and not talk themselves out of their goals.

During this transit the people in their lives can present issues around what Pisces currently identifies with and the situations and things they value.  For some Pisces emotional issues around their childhood and upbringing can arise to the surface.  During this period in time many feelings both positive and negative can be experienced around how they feel they were valued by parents, siblings and childhood friends. 

Some Pisces can use their compassion for others to understand that the majority of psychological wounds received from those in the past happened due to the reality that adults or siblings are not perfect and were probably acting out of their own hurts.  Pisces has a great capacity for forgiveness and this transit can allow the emotional space to begin working on forgiving others and also forgive themselves too.

Once the Pisces person allows this period to offer the objectivity needed to consciously make changes they may discover many benefits.  Without the heavy baggage from the past and really apply their gift of understanding to old issues some Pisces may find they can have more authentic relationships

Improved relationships with friends or family can also be the result of new found awareness. Other Pisces may find they are ready to move forward to pursue new livelihoods.

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